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unshaven fue hair transplant unshaven fue hair transplant

Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant

The major advantage of an unshaven hair transplant is that it reduces downtime, and decreases the degree of detection. However, there are chances of the surgery to be noticed in the recipient area. In cases where the patients have long hair, the redness and scabs can be concealed by their existing hair.

In today’s busy life, we forget to give time to our facial and hair transplant needs and avoid the parameters. Studies show that fear of mishandlings is very common amongst those avoiding any kind of anti-ageing or skin treatments. Unlikely, at Derma Miracle, they impact to understand and implement a positive consumer experience. At Derma Miracle, their caring team delivers treatment that influences premier cosmetic treatments targeting your concern towards stubborn pimples, severe hair-fall, quality shaving needs, etc.

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unshaven fue hair transplant

No Shaving

The best part of this method is that we do not need to shave the entire head to perform the surgery. At first, getting shaved before the procedure was one major reason why patients used to backout from the procedure.

This method gives
Additional Confidence
Quicker Return to Normality

Your Own Real Hair

One of the best things this procedure offers and makes it the most wanted treatment is that it uses your own hair to supplement the thinning areas on your scalp. That means the hair will be a perfect match, both for color and texture. Once the embedded follicles have recovered, they will start to produce hair that is identical to the surrounding hair. Within a year, the entire balding area should be covered with thick, natural hair.

The interesting thing about this regrowth is that most other people don’t notice the new hair until it is well grown. The hair regrows at exactly the same rate as your natural hair, which means it can be taken care of and styled the same as if it were the natural hair which was already in that place. No other hair restoration method is as comprehensive, effective, natural, and discreet as the Unshaven FUE method.

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