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Derma Miracle is a groundbreaking painless laser that has been used to help all of our patients lose inches and feel more confident in themselves.

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In the last few decades, we have been steadily increasing your living standards. Along with a change in diet and environment comes changes in work habits- people are eating less healthy foods that lead to obesity as well as spending more time on computer screens instead of physical labor which leads to similar effects; rounding out areas like your belly or thighs can be difficult when these parts of the body keep getting bigger!

With the changes in living standards, people have changed their diet and work habits to make up for time spent sitting at a desk. This can lead to obesity which affects various parts of our body like your belly or hips. The good news is that with proper exercise you'll be able to sculpt those problem areas into something more attractive!

There are many different surgical and laser treatments available to help you slim down. Generally, people who have a lot of weight or visibly saggy layers of fat will benefit most from lipo treatment which removes the excess fatty tissue in your hips, belly, thighs, neck, back arms and face- including facelifts, breast reduction tummy tucks. HIFU & ND YAG lasers can also be used for skin tightening if necessary after surgery so that you look as tight as possible! Our medical team at Allure offers a variety of procedures including laser treatments like HIFU & ND-YAG lasers for slimming. We also offer facelifts, breast reduction and tummy tucks to help you look your best!

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