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Tattoo Removal

There are a number of factors that must be considered by anyone selecting to 'get inked.' For example, there is no turning back after receiving your tattoo- it's yours forever! Tattoos can't just fade away as if they were never done or disappear when you want them to; once the ink has been put on the skin, it stays for life until something gets rid of all traces. This leads them to want it removed when their lifestyle or attitude towards their tattoo changes- a point which should be taken into account before getting your ink done!

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Derma Miracle Clinic is the best place to go for tattoo removal. The safe, reliable Q-Switch Laser uses PhotoAcoustic technology which targets your tattoos without damaging any tissue in its path.

The Derma Miracle Clinic is providing a non-invasive, painless way to remove tattoos. This process uses lasers that target ink particles in your skin and destroys them without causing unnecessary exposure to surrounding tissue! With so many tattoo removal options out there it can be difficult deciding what the best option for you may be. The Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser we use at our clinic offers an effective yet gentle method that doesn't leave behind unsightly scars.

Does it Affect You?

Here at Derma Miracle Clinic, we cool your skin before and during treatment with anesthetic gel depending on how sensitive you are - some people might not need it at all!

How long does it take to remove a tattoo?

Tattoos are not easy to get rid of, but at Derma Miracle Clinic they're experts in tattoo removal. It can take up to 8 weeks and 4 sessions for a full-body man or woman before you'll be free from your unwanted design, depending on the size and colors used by the artist who did it originally.

While some people experience instant gratification when it comes to tattoos, this is not the case for most. Tattoos are permanent unless removed through a series of treatments and patience over about 1 year or more depending on your individual circumstances at Derma Miracle Clinic.

You may need 4-6 home-based black lasers, or 6 to 12 professional colored lasers depending on how hard that particular type is to remove. After a number of laser treatments, you will see temporary bleaching of the treated area over time

Are there any precautions to take when getting a tattoo removed?

We offer laser treatments that are tailored to your specific needs and with our cutting-edge equipment you will be feeling better about your skin in just a few sessions. Do not expose yourself to too much sunlight before or after the treatment, as well as during it for best results!

Derma Miracle Clinic's team of qualified therapists has experience with all types of lasers so they will go over this detail specifically in their consultation appointment with you based on your personal needs and the type of laser therapy that is being done. Derma Miracle Clinic wants to use the most innovative laser technology to ensure safety, which includes not treating clients until a Medical Permit is provided - usually requiring an assessment by their Dermatologist or dermatosurgeon.

Derma Miracle Clinic understands that lasers are powerful instruments and want only the safest procedures for our patient’s in-house staff to perform every day. We know how important it is for you, which is why we employ a team of top laser specialists who help us maintain a safe environment with all your needs taken care of.

Are there any negative consequences to tattoo removal?

Side Effects can happen to a tiny percentage of people who are treated with any given medication. Some side effects may be mild and transient, but others could be more serious or long-term. These are the most common ones that you should know about:

  • Scarring is rare, but a legitimate issue for all skin types. When undergoing cancer treatment it's important not to overexpose yourself and damage your healthy cells with unnecessary sun exposure or prescription drugs before treatments start- as this can cause scarring after too many exposures
  • Hyperpigmentation can be caused by laser treatments, which result in inflammation and brown marks that usually take a few months to fade with the help of lightening agents. On top of being painful for those affected, it is something that could last indefinitely without medical intervention.
  • Laser treatments for tattoo removal are a popular way to get rid of unwanted body art. One side effect is that the skin can become lighter over time, making it difficult to see old tattoos and other markings on your skin. However, this might not be as bad as you think because hypopigmentation usually fades when treatment stops!
  • Bacteria and viruses are the most common types of infection. If infected in a laser-created wound, it has the potential to scar. Laser treatments have been documented as causing herpes simplex outbreaks that can lead to scars,

Where do you want to get your tattoo removed?

Derma Miracle Clinic has a variety of options, so we can provide the best laser treatment plan for your needs.

The number and cost will depend on several factors such as skin type, color/contrasting colors in the design, size of tattoo(s), the location where it is located on the body (back vs arm).

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