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Hymenoplasty can be a way to re-establish the torn hymen intactness through which virginity is presumed. This typically applies in cases where one has not had premarital intercourse but may have engaged in activities such as sports or other physicality that would cause damage and tear of their virgin membrane. The process involves reconstructing the damaged piece with leftover pieces from before; however this does cost time, effort, and money for treatment during its recovery period.

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There are various procedures to perform Hymenoplasty.

The basic technique is that if there are some remains of the hymen, it can be stitched back together.

  • When the fragments cannot be sewn back together, the Alloplant procedure is used.
  • Following Hymen Reconstruction, a new hymen is constructed utilising tissues from the vaginal lip.

What care is necessary after Hymenoplasty?

The antibiotic regimen must be followed in order to keep the area clean and avoid infection.

To ease the pain and swelling, consider using warm compresses to increase blood flow. To decrease inflammation levels in this area of your body, it is recommended that you also use ice-packs for short periods at a time.

We'll be giving you a variety of treatments to help with your pain and swelling!

You have to avoid having intercourse until 8 weeks post-surgery.

New treatments for the hymen have given people a chance to live their lives without being held back by fear. With new technology, you no longer need worry about how your body is going to be affected and can finally enjoy life!

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