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laser hair reduction for males laser hair reduction for males

Laser Hair Reduction for Males

This is the ultimate hair reduction technique, reducing stubble and unwanted hair for up to ten years. It can be done on larger body parts so it's perfect for Males who need a fast process in just one sitting! The laser beam targets the follicles of your skin and stops them from growing out any further - no more shaving or plucking required.

The best time to undergo a laser hair reduction treatment is before you are too old. The melanin in your dark hair absorbs the light, making it more efficient for removing unwanted strands. However, due to skin aging and other factors such as hormones like testosterone that make some people's hair grow faster than others; not everyone can withstand multiple treatments every month or week! Be sure of what you're getting into when considering this option- there may be cheaper alternatives with fewer side effects if all else fails.

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laser hair reduction for males

How does laser hair reduction Works?

The laser light is attracted to the pigment of the hair follicles.

The darker the hair follicle and the difference there is between it and normal skin, the more energy can be focused on its base until that root burns up completely so it doesn't grow back again. Not only does this process painlessly work for all skin types without side effects but also FDA-approved as a whole "for people with lighter or dark skins".

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