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Carbon Peel

Carbon peel treatment is a progressive, Hollywood peeling-style procedure that relies on the power of carbon to separate oil and dirt from pores. With this high-tech method for skincare, you will get soft wrinkles-free glowing skin with minimal downtime!

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carbon peel

Carbon peel treatment is a new, progressive treatment. It uses the oil-separating and contaminant-removing properties of carbon to cleanse deep inside your pores.A facial is an exceptional method for people with slick skin, zits, developed pores, and acne to acquire a moment invigorated appearance. It's additionally the best approach to remove dead cells from your face so you can be left feeling smoother and more delicate than ever before!


The carbon is focused by the laser, it impacts dead skin cells away and successfully sheds them. The outcome leaves you with milder, flawless skin that has decreased pore size as well as a more even complexion on top of all this!


The use of carbon strips is not a new trend in the world of beauty, but it has been proven to have awesome results. The benefits are that they focus on rejuvenating skin by increasing collagen production and decreasing wrinkles and fine lines for younger-looking, more radiant skin.

Acne and Sebum Destruction

Although the warmth created via carbon peel has many benefits, it also comes with a downside. Too much heat can actually be detrimental to skin and prevent you from healing properly or even scarring over time. What's more, too hot of a temperature might harm your tissues in an irreversible way if not given enough time to recover after treatment is complete which means that this should always be considered when warming up any part of the body for cosmetic purposes!

Sessions can be performed over any piece of the body, arms, chest, back or legs.

We offer a wide range of high-quality treatments to meet your needs and our facility is one where you’ll experience top notch customer service with every visit. We use Q switched lasers which are known for their incredible ability to work on all skin types without issue thanks to its latest innovation in laser technology

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