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blepharoplasty surgery blepharoplasty surgery

Blepharoplasty/ Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (also called an eye lift) decreases bagginess from lower eyelids and removes extra skin the upper lid that may obstruct sight so it's especially beneficial to people who are getting on in years with drooping lids hindering their views.

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blepharoplasty surgery

Who Is a Good Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

The best contender for an eye lift are individuals who are healthy and have practical desires. Most people with this surgery done fall in the 35 years or more age bracket, but should you desire a procedure earlier than that it may be possible too if your family has had saggy eyelids from generation to generation. Blepharoplasty can help upgrade your appearance which will give you confidence-building results as well as keep up appearances so others never know about aging like wrinkles and bags under eyes due to lack of sleep!

Will the Results of Eyelid Surgery Be Permanent?

Dr. Navnit Haror, one of the leading dermatologists in India and a pioneer in cosmetic surgery has successfully completed upper eyelid surgeries that have lasted from five to seven years for his patients with various skin types since 2007 when he graduated as Doctor after completing MBBS at BHU Varanasi. He is also an accomplished surgeon who can perform lower eye surgeries which should be rehashed on rare occasions only - your eyes will still age even if you get this done but it's easier than getting another round of upper lid surgery! At Derma Miracle we offer top quality services by Dr. Haror himself so come visit us today.

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