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Subcision is a minor in-office surgical procedure used to release acne scars. The surgeon inserts a small needle into the skin and releases it from underneath with pressure, which allows your skin’s natural elasticity to rise up and diminish the appearance of an unsightly acne scar.

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Subcision is a surgical procedure that can be performed to treat scars left behind by acne or other skin diseases. The treatment breaks up the bands of tissue, which pull down on and cause depressions in the scarred area; additionally, it allows for new healthier cells to form as well.

Subcision is a procedure that seeks to break up the bands pulling at your skin, while also encouraging new tissue growth.

Subcision has been around for years as an effective treatment for acne scars or any other type of scarring on your body. The doctor will make small incisions in each side of the band and then use forceps to pull them apart- breaking it just enough so it doesn't work anymore; from here they'll apply collagen injections before stitching you back together again with dissolvable stitches

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