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If you notice yellow spots on the inner corners of your eyelids, you may have Xanthelasma. These patches are made up of Cholesterol under your skin. A dermatologist can help you get rid of it. The condition should not be ignored and the dermatologist should be consulted at the earliest as it can be a sign of getting a heart disease.

The majority of people who contract it are middle-aged or older. It is more likely to occur in women than in men. If you notice it, get your Cholesterol checked by getting a blood test.

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You are likely to get this increase if you have:

  • High LDL (bad) or low HDL ("good") cholesterol
  • Inherited High cholesterol
  • Liver disease, known as primary biliary cirrhosis, which can raise cholesterol levels in the blood.

The increase may also be linked to other heart diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking


The patches probably will not disappear on their own. They will either continue to remain the same size or grow over time.

If you're concerned about it, you can have it removed.

There are a number of treatments that are available for the treat Xanthelasma like Cryotherapy, Laser surgery, Chemical peels, Medication, etc. Maintaining your Cholesterol levels may also help in treating Xanthelasma.

Derma Miracle Clinic, Delhi provides effective treatment for Xanthelasma. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals that provide assured results in the treatment of all skin-related issues and hair.

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